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We know recruiting is hard. But if you give candidates more information about your jobs, they will be more likely to convert and less likely to quit.

And that’s why we built Breakroom.

To help you tell candidates what your jobs are really like.

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Compete alongside larger employers for your share of the candidate market. Tell employees why you’re a better place to work.

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Rising inequality is one of the biggest challenges we face today. At Breakroom we’re tackling it.

We’ve built a platform that helps people get a good deal at work. And now we’re working with employers who offer good jobs by offering them a free profile on Breakroom.

Help candidates understand what your jobs are really like

Better informed candidates mean better employees that don’t quit. Tell people what your jobs are like by claiming your free profile.

We’ll build your employer page and send it to you for approval. We’ll publish it on our website and expose your company to 100,000 candidates a month.

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